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Postcards to Space  New Shepard 

Second Space Mission!
Postcards to Space.

Postcards to Space!

Thanks to Space for Art Foundation,
Club for the Future Foundation-Blue Origin.
Thank you for taking our artists' postcards from around the world to space on New Shepard!


Postcards to Space ISS
Our Postcards went to Space! 

‘Postcards to Space’ art video in honor of UNICEF 

Children from around the world unite through art.
We are so thankful to our partners

Space for Art Foundation, A-Blok Interactive Experiences & Alex Alvear for bringing ‘Postcards to Space’ story to life! 



Postcards to Space and Exploration Space Suit

Projekt Postcard will join creative forces with Artist- Astronaut Nicole Stott, Bosnian Artists Edina Seleskovic, Artist Maria Lanas, and children from the United States for our following cultural art exchange Bosnia, Croatia, Uganda, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Pakistan. They will create Postcards for the Astronauts at the ISS and create a Spacesuit called Exploration.

We will collect the postcards, and then we will create an electronic art piece, "Postcards to Space," which will be designed to be projected on board the International Space Station.

Nicole Stott: Space for Art 

Patients will be crafting artwork to be displayed on a spacesuit that will be built from not only their artwork but from the collective artwork of children at cancer hospitals around the world.
ILC Dover, the contractor who makes NASA’s spacesuits will stitch the children’s painted canvasses into a beautiful spacesuit replica called EXPLORATION. This will be the fourth in a series of art spacesuits including HOPE, COURAGE, and UNITY.
The children will also be coloring spacesuit art postcards and messages to be sent to International Space Station (ISS) astronauts as part of an internationally compiled, electronic art piece.

The Spacesuit Art Project is aimed at raising global awareness of childhood cancer and promoting the healing power of art. It also provides an opportunity for young cancer patients to see their artwork orbiting the Earth and on display at the Space Center Houston visitor center and other global forums, in order to share an inspirational message of hope, courage, and unity with children and families around the world.

Edina Seleskovic: Think Freedom Between Today and Tomorrow

Think Freedom is a comprehensive public art project sending a message of peace and freedom from the heart of Ljubljana to all of Europe, the America’s, and the World. It incorporates sculpture, installation, performance, light, sound, film, the art of literary word, and new global communication technologies while connecting young generation with the universal power of art. A renown New York-based sculptor joins hands with young students in order to create an urban spectacle and a masterpiece and share it with host cities providing an opportunity to connect globally through art creation.


A-BLOK is a French-German agency specializing in interactive experiences.
Combining art, technologies and storytelling, their team of creative minds develops innovative solutions for the event, retail, museum and theme park industries.
A-Blok will compile and produce and electronic art piece using their We are LOGO ™ video Solution.
This Video will be delivered to the ISS for the ISS crew to see. Also, all the children involved in the project will receive a copy of the video.

Alex Alvear

Alex is a fantastic Ecuadorian Composer-Musician.
He will compose an original song for our "Postcards to Space" electronic art piece.
We are thrilled and extremely grateful for their support and cooperation in our project.

Projekt NEWS & Tweets

Esc. Glend Side Fe y Alegría en Dulles International Airport USA-2016

Los trabajos artísticos de los estudiantes de la Esc. Glend Side Fe y Alegría de Pintag se encuentran en la exposición "Un solo mundo" en Dulles International Airport de los Estados Unidos del 7 de abril al 7 de julio de 2016. Mediante este video podrás conocer el proceso de este proyecto.

2016 2017

Quito- Ecuador | Mbale - Uganda | Westerville- Ohio | Asburn- Virginia


"One World" at Dulles International Airport
at concourse C

"One World" Installation at Dulles international Airport Concourse C

Hand cut water color paper and color photos

30'L x36" H

Participating Schools

· Vladimir Nazor Kastav- Croatia
· Newton Lee Elementary School, Ashburn,VA
· Colegio Britanico Internacional Quito, Ecuador
· Mahdavi School Tehran- Iran
· Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Falls Church, VA
· Glend Side / Fe y Alegria Pintag, Ecuador

the "One World" installation is a culmination of a year of work by artist Maria Lanas, teachers and children from Kastav Croatia, Ashburn, VA, Falls Church VA, Quito Ecuador and Pintag Ecuador. During the past year, 1200 children created and exchanged postcards, music and videos for each other using different mediums and techniques.

Croatian Embassy- Washington, DC
May 2015

We are pleased to share with you information about one very special project - "Projekt Postcard".

"Projekt Postcard" is an art&culture exchange project created by Artist Maria Lanas which connected one kindergarten in Croatia with one elementary school in the United States.

For the past month DV Vladimir Nazor’s kindergarten students from Kastav, Croatia and third-grade students from Newton-Lee Elementary School in Sterling VA., have been making postcards for each other and communicating via Skype.

The collaboration between the two art classrooms and teachers has created new friendships and it has been a great experience that integrates geography, history, language, and art.

The Embassy plans to exhibit the children's work at the 2015 EU Open house Day. We hope to see you then!

Thomas Jefferson Students have big and generous hearts.
"One Day Collection Event to Help Ecuadorian Earthquake Victims"

Many students from Thomas Jefferson Elementary requested the school to help the Earthquake victims in Ecuador, especially with their connection to 2 schools (in Pintag and Quito), through Projekt Postcard program.
Thanks to their request; the school did a "one day collection event"

More than 900 canned goods were collected and taken to the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington, DC.
THANK YOU Juls Rathje & TJ students for initiating this effort and caring about Ecuador!

Exhibition " Postcard from Kastav " British group DV Vladimir Nazor
Oct 2014

Kastav - In the church of St. Gallery . Trinity , last Wednesday an exhibition of art works by students of the English kindergarten Vladimir Nazor called " Postcard from Kastav " .
The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the artist ,
Maria Lanas from Maryland who exhibited in the church of St . Trinity ,
whith the children from Vladimir Nazor-english speaking group ,presented the process of creating art works .
The exhibition was opened by the Mayor Ivica Lukanović and Mrs. Maria Lanas and participating children of VN's English group .

Projekt Postcard week at Colegio Britanico Internacional Quito!


"Projekt Postcard week 2015" was a celebration of art and music at Colegio Britanico Internacional. Students' art work was on display for students, teachers and parents to see. After the exhibit the work will be sent to their peers ant Thomas Jefferson Elementary  School in Falls Church, VA

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