Projekt Postcard creates art projects that promote and make new connections, facilitating learning and building interpersonal networks among children of different languages, cultural backgrounds, and communities.  








We Value:

  • Cross-cultural friendships, understanding, cultural awareness, knowledge of multiple languages, open communication

  • Relief of misunderstanding, mistrust, and isolation

  • Greater Harmony and working for the good of all


We Promote:

  • All languages, cultures, communities, and individuals

  • Free and open communication while conveying respect for others where there are differences

  • Continually growing awareness of knowledge and learning on a worldwide basis
    Extending ourselves outside of the constraints of our own cultural boundaries




  • Projekt Postcard Scholarships! Thanks to our generous schools and private donors this year we will be awarding scholarships to students in students in Uganda, Ecuador and Ohio.

  • This year we were able to create Projekt Postcard Teacher Exchange programs with participating schools.

  • Since December 2014;  2000 children from Croatia, Ecuador, Iran, Uganda, Virginia, Ohio- USA have participated in the project.

  • The children learned about different cultures, languages, geography through Art.

  • For the first time in some schools, Skype sessions and video conferences were introduced in the classrooms.

  • Internet access is now available in the  classroom. 

  • In some schools Art education was added to the curriculum

  • Art workshops were created for teachers so that they would have the proper tools and information for the children.

  • Participating teachers have been awarded by their school system and their community for participating.

  • The project gave the teachers an opportunity to work and collaborate at an international level.

  • Children got the opportunity to exhibit their work in different countries.

  • Local businesses got involved by giving donations to the schools so the children could participate.

  • Projekt Postcard has been an added value to all participating schools

  • The children's horizon and vision has been expanded. 


Our Project

Projekt Postcard is a global collaborative arts & culture exchange project for children in elementary school.
It is an exciting, challenging and unique experience that allows professional working artists*, art teachers, students and the community to connect and collaborate.

How its Done :

Project Postcard cultural exchanges are formed by: 

  • Creating new sister schools in different cities around the world

  • Inviting a professional artist

  • Using Art and Technology as a medium for cultural exchange

  • Extending our kids vision beyond the constrain of our cultural boundaries

  • Building interpersonal networks among kids with different language, cultural backgrounds and communities

The children create postcards for each other using any medium available in their art classrooms.
The themes of the art work are about their culture and traditions.
The children work closely with the local artist/ Project Manager and teacher.
This project is about:

The Project encourages a balance between communication at a human-to-human level and communicating with the latest technology.
This project teaches the students about:

  • Art Education

    • Creativity

    • Problem solving

    • Learning about new languages

    • Geography

    • Community involvement locally and globally

    • The process of art creation from professional working local/international artists

    • They learn how to prepare for an art exhibit

    • They will have the experience of exhibiting their work locally and internationally

    • They learn about new cultures and create new friendships



​Washington DC, USA

Quito, Ecuador

Tuzla, Bosnia

Lahore, Pakistan