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Projekt Postcard strives to create art projects that foster connection and spark learning among children from diverse backgrounds, languages, and communities. By encouraging meaningful interactions and building interpersonal networks, these projects can help promote understanding, collaboration, and empathy among individuals.

We Value:

Cross-cultural friendships, understanding, and cultural awareness, as well as open communication and the knowledge of multiple languages, for the
purpose of relieving misunderstanding, mistrust, and isolation between peoples.
We strive for greater harmony, working for the good of all people.


We Promote:

We promote all languages, cultures, communities, and individuals, while encouraging free and open communication that conveys respect for those with differing opinions. We strive to continually expand awareness of knowledge and learning across the globe, and to challenge ourselves to explore beyond the boundaries of our own cultural backgrounds.



The Projekt Postcard program has been a great success, providing children with the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, and geography through art. Schools have been adding art education to their curriculum, and teachers have attended workshops to gain the proper tools and information to teach their students. Participating teachers have been rewarded by their school system and their community for their involvement.
The project has also allowed teachers to collaborate on an international level and allowed children to exhibit their work in other countries and Outerspace!
Local businesses have also stepped up to support the project, providing donations to the schools so that children can participate.
Projekt Postcard has been an invaluable addition to the participating schools, broadening the children's horizons and allowing them to explore different cultures.

Thanks to the generous donations of our schools and private donors, we awarded scholarships to students in Uganda and Ecuador.
These scholarships will enable students to continue their education and contribute to the development of their local communities.
We are immensely proud to be able to provide these young people with the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Our Project

Through the exchange of postcards, the project encourages kids to explore, create, learn and share their cultures, experiences and stories.
The project also provides an opportunity for kids to showcase their artwork and to receive positive feedback from peers around the world.
It is an excellent way to bridge the gap between generations, genders, cultures and countries.
Projekt Postcard is a great way to promote international understanding, foster creativity, and bring people together through the universal language of art.

How its Done :

Allowing the students to communicate, share and express themselves through art, pictures, stories and postcards.
Encouraging students to explore their creative ideas and think outside the box.
Providing a platform for students to learn, experience and appreciate different cultures.
Projekt Postcard cultural exchanges aim to bridge the gap between cultures, foster understanding and ignite the imagination of our youth.
By providing opportunities for our kids to explore, understand and celebrate different cultures, we can build a brighter future for generations to come.

The children create postcards for each other using any medium available in their art classrooms.
The themes of the artwork are about their culture and traditions.

This project is about:

It seeks to bridge the gap between the two worlds and create an environment where both can exist in harmony. By encouraging meaningful conversations and providing tools to facilitate conversations, the Project will help people to effectively communicate with each other and make connections that last. It will also provide resources to help people learn how to effectively use technology to communicate, helping them to become better communicators. Finally, the Project will promote the use of technology in a way that respects people's privacy and security online.
This project teaches the students about:

This project provides students with a platform to explore their creativity, practice problem-solving skills, and gain knowledge in art education, while also enabling them to engage with new languages, cultures, and geographical locations. Through working with professional local and international artists, participants are able to experience the entire process of art creation, from planning to exhibiting their work. In addition, the project encourages students to become involved in the local and global community by creating new friendships with people from all over the world.

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